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Our RiverKing professionals turn custom Tallahassee painting into an art form. It’s been 20 years since we put our first brush strokes on a Tallahassee home, and we’ve been known for quality painting ever since. We treat our commercial and residential clients to the same level of service, ensuring that Tallahassee homes and businesses put their best coat forward. We’re referring to luxurious paint coats, of course they’re our RiverKing specialty.

Our services

Tallahassee Commercial Painters

Convenience is a number one concern for commercial property clients. They usually want a building painted as quick as possible, and are unsure how to hire a paint crew that is both efficient and meticulous. Luckily for commercial property owners, convenience and master painting are cornerstones of RiverKing Custom Painting, and we extend that promise to our commercial property clients everyday.

We’ll make you look good. Trust our crew to do an efficient, thorough job- and to do it on your schedule. Since 1988, RiverKing Custom Painting has completed quality commercial property jobs both inside and out. Read below to discover our perfected process. Our initial meeting with a commercial client begins with discovering their goals for the building. Budget constraints are discussed, and paint colors are chosen. Tallahassee Commercial Painters.

If an interior commercial paint job is planned, the RiverKing Tallahassee Paint crew will arrive when your tenets leave. We’ll do the job. And then we will put everything back in its original place, so work the nex day may resume as usual. Exterior jobs are undertaken with the same level of care and precision. Upon request, we’ll use low-fume paint or incorporate and “odor zapper” compound, ensuring that the building occupants remain comfortable. Increase Morale with cheery wall color or paint and outside façade for the first time. No matter the requested paint service, RiverKing Custom Painting does the job quickly and expertly for their Tallahassee Neighbors.

RiverKing Custom Painting Founder/Owner John Stehmeyer has successfully help hundreds of property owners through challenging remodeling projects. John makes time for every client to plan their project out in the beginning and the RiverKing team implements our proven systems once we begin all painting and remodeling jobs. Our quality control and customer satisfaction systems guarantee our clients complete satisfaction with their remodeling project. We can help you find a great contractor for your remodeling job.

Tallahassee Interior Painting Considerations

If a book existed called Do it Yourself Disasters, accidents due to painting would be featured on page one. Leave the painting to the professionals, and save yourself the time, energy and potential bodily injury that can come with painting an interior. Call the experts at RiverKing Custom Painting, and we guarantee you’ll avoid the following mishaps:

Back pain and muscle spasms – Our crews have been painting Tallahassee residential and commercial interiors for years. We’re used to the bodily wear and tear associated with our profession, and we’re all steady on a ladder. Avoid the pain caused by stretching and falling by enlisting the licensed, bonded and insured RiverKing Custom Painting team.

Incidental damage – Drip paint onto the carpet or leave a smudge on that antique end table, and you’ll not only reap financial injury, but you may incur the wrath of your spouse as well. Remember: we’re here to make you look good. That’s our RiverKing Custom Painting motto, and Tallahassee interior painting clients know that we take it seriously.

Doing a great job – with the wrong paint. We see this mistake often, and it usually occurs when a well-meaning amateur tries to slather latex-based paint over an oil-based formula. All of our RiverKing Custom Painting team members understand the ways different paint types react to each other, and we’re careful to always check before we pick up a brush. It’s just another of the many considerations we extend to our Tallahassee customers.

We work with interior design professionals so you can be sure to have the latest in great colors.

Don’t live with an ugly house! Call RiverKing- we make you look GOOD!

Simple bath and kitchen remodeling or extensive remodeling and renovation are RiverKing Custom Painting specialties. We have the knowledge, systems of quality control and highly trained staff that will make your remodeling projects shine with beauty. Our 20 plus years in the industry have built lasting relationships with stellar remodeling contractors. Owner John Stehmeyer is pleased to help all clients find the right remodeling contractor for their remodeling and renovation project. We are your Tallahassee remodeling painters. 


:: Inspect and test all paints for lead safety to the occupants and painters.

:: Chemically test paints to determine the right paint to use for maximum performance and longevity.

:: Cover all floors, countertops, appliances, furniture, etc. prior to painting.

:: Tape all glass if necessary with blue tape to protect glass from sandpaper, easy removal even after extended periods of exposure to sunlight, and for clean, sharp edges after painting.

:: We will move and cover the furniture and replace after painting.

:: Remove outlet covers and switch plates cover with tape and replace after painting.

:: Tape all trim edges before painting walls.

:: Do all necessary and agreed upon wall and trim repair. We look for all cracks, water damage and defects, repair, and do any re-texturing necessary.

We can install Tallahassee custom trim for you!

Prime all bare wood, wall or wood repairs, and any other necessary areas with the appropriate primers prior to painting.

Sand, clean, prime and paint all enamel specified. Sanding is necessary to insure good adhesion between coats.

Check for all cracks in woodwork, doors, windows, and wall corners, etc., and caulk with a premium caulk.

Ceilings are recommended painted in a flat paint in color chosen. This is to minimize light reflection or sheen, which on ceilings highlights any drywall imperfections, and is distracting. Although high moisture areas like bathrooms may benefit from a glossy paint on the ceiling.

Walls are recommended painted in a top line interior wall paint in color and sheen specified. There are many types of wall paints available in a wide variety of prices.

All enamel (washable and hard) surfaces (usually trim or doors) are recommended to be finish coated with a top line interior enamel paint. Oil or water based depending on your preferences and circumstances

The number of coats of paint on drywall or enamel work is usually two finish coats after preparation, whether applied by roller or sprayer, but the application methods and times between coats are different.

After all work is done, we clean it all up, remove all the tape, replace all the hardware and outlet covers, put all the furniture back, clean all interior glass, remove all unnecessary paint cans, label all paint cans accurately, (we will leave touch up paint for all areas and colors).

FEEL COMFORTABLE knowing we will do a fantastic job for you and guarantee our work for 3 years from day of completion not to peel,chip or crack under normal use! Let your friends know we want to help their home look good too! Thank you!!!

Call the Tallahassee Painting Professionals, RiverKing Custom Painting today at (850) 893-0168 for a no cost estimate for your home or place of business! Email us at paintpro@riverkingpainting.com

Exterior Painting and More

When applied correctly, the exterior paint color of a residence offers the initial impression about the structure’s occupants. For example, yellow might mean a cheery family home, while rusty red might convey the tenants’ earthly, organic lifestyle. Choose your exterior paint that fits you and your family, and then call RiverKing Custom Painters to bring the color to life. We’ll do more than make you look good. We’ll make sure that every time you steer up that driveway, you’ll smile at the sight of your polished, custom-painted home.

Like most people, we’re awed by the first impression of a beautiful exterior paint job, and there are even more advantages to custom exterior painting than what meets the eye. The underlying benefits of a RiverKing custom painted exterior include a protected home that’s properly sealed and caulked. Depending on the size of your residence, we’ll send one of our multi-member crews to do the job. They’ll arrive at your doorstep on time and with all the necessary equipment, and they’ll finish the job to your specifications.

It’s no surprise that we’re a favorite among Tallahassee home painters. We give our clients the best look possible, knowing that it’s our responsibility to make that first impression a great one. After we’re finished with an exterior job, the overall picture is truly one to behold.

Call us today to request a quote. For exterior painting and more, RiverKing is your Tallahassee painter source.

Along with Tallahassee exterior painting, we also install decorative trim and siding and handle needed repairs to add to the overall aesthetic effect.

RiverKing Custom Painting is available to meet with you and help you analyze your available remodeling options and share professional advice at no cost or obligation to you. Our vast experience and training can be extremely beneficial to start you in the right direction. We make you look GOOD Tallahassee remodelers!

Team RiverKing has stained many beautiful wood homes to bring the wood back to life and add beauty and protection from the elements. We will stain your porches, decks and fences, as well as staining and sealing your wood home or log cabin. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the best stain for your project. We have used most brands of house stains on many occasions to the delight of Tallahassee house stainers. Restain your front door and admire the freshly applied Marine Spar Varnish. We make your wood sparkle with fresh wood stain and protective varnish. Call anytime!

Team RiverKing is your Tallahassee Custom Cabinet Painter. We can make old dull cabinets shine for years to come. We use state of the art painting equipment for a fabulous finish on your cabinetry. All freshly spray-painted cabinets are dried in our special spray booths, so the paint cures wonderfully. Call RiverKing today for a no cost consultation and quote to have your cabinets painted. We make Tallahassee Cabinet Painting shine! After we paint your cabinets we can add new hardware to really make your kitchen sparkle. Call us anytime.

Tallahassee Stucco & Cement Surfaces

Mechanically high pressure water wash to remove dirt, dust, efflorescence, contaminants and loose paint from surfaces. Neutralize mildew with a combination of outside bleach, TSP and detergent to leave an uncontaminated, clean surface for paint. We will allow all surface to dry before any application of paint.


Large cracks must be V-grooved out and all other surface defects, such as holes and the like must be repaired using appropriate patching materials to match the surrounding surface profile. Dust surface and spot prime all patched area with the appropriate primer and finish coat.

Tallahassee Wood & Metal Surfaces

Check all pre-1978 homes and buildings to be sure proper Lead Safety Procedures are followed to keep occupants and painters safe.

Remove all dirt, chalk and surface contaminants that will interfere with adhesion of subsequent coats, without damaging the substrates or adjacent area. Wash and mildew treat if necessary. Wire brush all loose and peeling paint and dust surfaces. We will then use scrapers, sanders or grinders to create a featheredge. All of the above preparation procedures will be followed by a spot prime or a complete prime if needed.

Metal Surfaces
Wire brush, hand sand or power sand all surface to create a featherdge. Clean surfaces from dirt, contaminants, oxidation or rust. Apply rust neutralizer. Prime all bare metal areas with the appropriate preventive primers immediately upon completion of surface painting preparation.

Pressure Washing and More

The RiverKing Custom Painting crew does more than skillfully paint the interior and exterior of Tallahassee homes and commercial buildings. Our one-stop service makes us an easy choice for pressure cleaning, staining and wood replacement and faux finishes as well. Rather than hire a paint crew whose expertise stops at brushstrokes, trust the RiverKing experts to really make your Tallahassee structure shine.

When it comes to choosing a quick pick-me-up for your home or driveway, it’s hard to beat a good pressure wash. Tallahassee pressure wash seekers find us to be thorough and considerate; we always ensure that plants are covered before we begin our work. Knowing the stifling nature plastic presents on a humid Florida day, we make sure to sprinkle water onto foliage before we begin cleaning, and we uncover the greenery as quickly as possible. No plants will die on our watch.

Increase the aesthetic value of your home with our staining and trimming prowess. The RiverKing Custom Painting team adds luster and shine to your wood, staining it to your exact specifications. We also love to do trim work, customize crown molding, decorative molding, chair rails and more.

We can seal and paint decks and garage floors to preserve the wood and add beauty for your enjoyment.

Special sponging and faux finishing adds personality to any interior, and we bring our artistic talents to the forefront for these jobs. We’ll add a textured look to your walls and make them a focal point of the room, eliciting “oohs” and “aaahs” from everyone who walks through your Tallahassee doors.


Large cracks must be V-grooved out and all other surface defects, such as holes and the like must be repaired using appropriate patching materials to match the surrounding surface profile. Dust surface and spot prime all patched area with the appropriate primer and finish coat.

Our clients

RiverKing Custom Painting is proud to have expertly painted the following local commercial properties:

  • AMC 20
  • Edenbrook Senior Citizen Center
  • Collier Interiors
  • Doak Cambell Stadium
  • FSU College of Law
  • FSU Fields and Goal Posts
  • Northwoods Baptist Church
  • Crawfordville Baptist Church
  • FSU Circus
  • Dick Hauser Stadium (Scoreboard)
We are professionals and we pride ourselves in quality service and craftsmanship

We will protect all adjacent areas and surfaces during the preparation and painting period (i.e windows, landscape, lighting, automobiles, walkways, asphalt, concrete, lawns, bushes, plants, flowers, patio furniture etc.). All materials shall be limited to a designated area, and such space shall be kept clean and orderly at all times. All debris caused by the preparation and painting will be cleaned up at the end of each day.

Materials shall be pure, unadulterated, first quality and shall be delivered to the project in original unbroken packages bearing the makers name and brand number. All materials shall comply with all current requirements of the environmental agency, the appropriate Air Pollution Control District and all other local, state or Federal agencies. We will apply the primer and finish coats using the highest quality applicators (airless paint sprayers, rollers and brushes). Coats: if full coverage is not obtained with the specified number of coats, we will apply additional coats as necessary to produce maximum coverage for a long lasting paint job.

We carry full liability and workers compensation insurance for your protection. We are licensed and Bonded. Please ask for your copy of our insurance policy to protect you and your large investments.

A 3 year warranty is our RiverKing Custom Painting standard in Tallahassee. All work is backed by a full 3-year warranty against peeling, chipping or flaking in conjunction with the paint manufacturer’ Product Warranty. This warranty excludes damages caused by excessive moisture due to sprinkles and structural moisture problems. Please see our Tallahassee Paint Client Warranty for complete details. We want to be your painting professional of choice.

Contact us to request a quote for your commercial or residential property painting job

. We employ only seasoned tradesmen and work together to finish jobs on time and within budget constraints. We’ll also take care of any pressure cleaning, wood replacement, staining or trim considerations. Commit to commercial painting success. Call RiverKing Custom Painting today.

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