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Our RiverKing professionals turn custom Tallahassee painting into an art form. It’s been 20 years since we put our first brush strokes on a Tallahassee home, and we’ve been known for quality painting ever since. We treat our commercial and residential clients to the same level of service, ensuring that Tallahassee homes and businesses put their best coat forward. We’re referring to luxurious paint coats, of course they’re our RiverKing specialty. Contact us for interior design in Tallahassee.

After more than twenty years spent painting and completing other exterior and interior work with style and expertise, we know what looks good.

Trust the RiverKing squad to help you select a color scheme for your home or business. We change the look of Tallahassee for the better every day we’re out on a job, and it’s our pleasure to consult with you regarding both interior design and exterior design.

Let’s say you’re looking at doing a remodeling project, or interior design in Tallahassee and you have your eye on a French Country theme. We’ll listen to your ideas and likely offer a few of our own. Paint color in particular is often a huge decision, and you’ll find us to be patient guides, knowledgeable about the different types of paint available and receptive to your overall goals.

When it comes to other aspects of your home like furniture selection, we refer our clients to interior designers whom we work with to bring about a wonderful final product. You might say that working with us is full-circle. Unlike other Tallahassee painting companies, we won’t just arrive with our brushes at the ready. Hiring us means access to valuable advice and workmanship.

Call us today at (850) 893-0168 for a free quote. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we’re proud to offer you the assurance that our technicians will create a dazzling interior and exterior for your home or business.

Our clients

RiverKing Custom Painting is proud to have expertly painted the following local commercial properties:

  • AMC 20
  • Edenbrook Senior Citizen Center
  • Collier Interiors
  • Doak Cambell Stadium
  • FSU College of Law
  • FSU Fields and Goal Posts
  • Northwoods Baptist Church
  • Crawfordville Baptist Church
  • FSU Circus
  • Dick Hauser Stadium (Scoreboard)

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We employ only seasoned tradesmen and work together to finish jobs on time and within budget constraints. We’ll also take care of any pressure cleaning, wood replacement, staining or trim considerations. Commit to interior design success. Call RiverKing Custom Painting today.

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