Tallahassee Remodeling

Choose the right Tallahassee remodeling company, and you’ll see your remodeling project as an investment that far outweighs the benefits purchasing of a new residence or commercial building. Here at RiverKing, we’re experienced in a wide variety of remodeling techniques. We’ve outlined some of our specialties below.

Popular Tallahassee remodeling ideas include:

A new paint job – Nothing changes the look of a structure like an expertly applied coat of paint. Aside from the aesthetic benefit, paint also serves as an excellent sealant and thus keeps mildew from permeating. Our technicians have years upon years of experience with Tallahassee painting, and you’ll likely be surprised how little it costs to have a surface painted professionally. Just ask us!

Tallahassee pressure cleaning and/or soft washing – Take a look at your roof, driveway and/or fence posts. Are they grimy? If you answered ‘yes,” it’s high time you called RiverKing for pressure cleaning and/or soft washing.

Wallpaper removal and/or installation – It can be a huge pain to remove wallpaper, and hanging it correctly is nearly an art form. We employ an expert who has been doing an amazing job for more than twenty years.

Tallahassee wood repairs – Before completely replacing a garage door, baseboard or other wood item, call us. We may be able to salvage it.

Cabinet repainting – This is an easy way to liven up your kitchen or bathroom without installing new Tallahassee cabinets.

Contact us at (850) 893-0168 for further advice regarding Tallahassee modeling. We specialize in painting and much, much more.

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