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Our RiverKing professionals turn custom Tallahassee painting into an art form. It’s been 20 years since we put our first brush strokes on a Tallahassee home, and we’ve been known for quality painting ever since. We treat our commercial and residential clients to the same level of service, ensuring that Tallahassee homes and businesses put their best coat forward. We’re referring to luxurious paint coats, of course they’re our RiverKing specialty.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to give you the best Tallahassee Pressure Cleaning and Soft Washing services in Tallahassee.

As a Tallahassee commercial and residential painting company, we can’t help but be concerned with the rooftops of our city buildings. After all, clients can enlist us to change the hue of an outside façade, but if the roof of that structure is dirty and rotting, the overall image isn’t ideal. Call us. Have your roof or other outside surface cleaned. And reveal the true character of your Tallahassee home and business.

There’s more to pressure cleaning and soft washing than meets the eye. The approaches both result in better roof integrity. Leave your roof alone for years, and mildew will slowly seep under the surface, destroying your paint and attacking the vulnerable rooftop. To combat this, we recommend a minimum cleaning once a year, though if you experience a good amount of sunlight and have elected to use high-quality paint, you may be able to wait a while longer.

Aside from simply painting and re-painting rooftops, we put aside our Tallahassee commercial and residential painting niche to pressure clean and soft wash areas like driveways, porches and wood fences. Keep in mind that though the term “soft washing” sounds harmless, it’s actually harder on your surface than a pressure cleaning regimen. As opposed to water that’s simply pressurized, soft washing involves a chemical-based cleanser followed by a clean water rinse.

We understand when it’s best to use each application. Have your outside surfaces cleaned and reveal the true character of your Tallahassee home or business. Contact RiverKing experts today at (850) 893-0168 for a free quote regarding your Tallahassee commercial and residential pressure and soft washing requirements.

Our clients

RiverKing Custom Painting is proud to have expertly painted the following local commercial properties:

  • AMC 20
  • Edenbrook Senior Citizen Center
  • Collier Interiors
  • Doak Cambell Stadium
  • FSU College of Law
  • FSU Fields and Goal Posts
  • Northwoods Baptist Church
  • Crawfordville Baptist Church
  • FSU Circus
  • Dick Hauser Stadium (Scoreboard)

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. We employ only seasoned tradesmen and work together to finish jobs on time and within budget constraints. We’ll also take care of any pressure cleaning, wood replacement, staining or trim considerations. Commit to commercial painting success. Call RiverKing Custom Painting today.

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